Our Story

Like many others, I've always dreamed of owning my own company. The idea of being my own boss was appealing to me, but it was the understanding of what being an entrepreneur can do, like affording me the luxury of changing and empowering the lives of those around me that really motivated me. 

Prior to starting the company, or even making a product, I spent years of using essential oils, and making my own skincare products for my own skin problems that occurred at random times. 

As many others dreaming of owning a company, but did not know what I wanted to make as business. Until I realized that what I make for my self-care can benefit others and it's also something I am passionate about. During my summer break of 2020, I've started a small women veteran owned business. 

I've taken the time to research how to start a skin care business while being a full time student at Norfolk State University. During that time, I've researched deeper into skincare and natural plant oils and the benefits of goat's milk. I've tried and tested different varieties of soaps, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and body butters.

After some time of using my own products; my family, and friends started to catch on and soon they were asking me where they could purchase them! I was overly excited that others wanted to use and try my products that I've created. Therefore, I have created a safe place where others can be able to know and enjoy wholesome, pure and honest skincare products. 

Thank you, 

Naomi Warrington


  • Black Women Owned Business

  • Natural Luxury Skin Care Business

  • A Veteran Owned Business

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